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Collaborative Filtering
by earl, 6761 days ago
"One of the best ways to find useful information is to find someone who has interests similar to yours and ask them for recommendations. 'Collaborative filtering' is a way of mechanizing this form of information search."

-- from the announcement of the 1996 Workshop on Collaborative Filtering

To get an idea about the practical implementation of CF systems, today, I suggest reading " Recommendations: Item-to-Item Collaborative Filtering". If you want to dive into more theoretic aspects, have a look at James Thornton's collection of "Collaborative Filtering Research Papers", read Alexander Chislenko's visionary paper "Automated Collaborative Filtering and Semantic Transports" or have a look at my BSc project "Collaborative Filtering - State of Research and Applicability for Knowledge Sharing" (soon to be avail online :).
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