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by earl, 7450 days ago
"This paper proposes a number of type-system and language extensions to natively support relational and hierarchical data within a statically typed object-oriented setting. In our approach SQL tables and XML documents become first class citizens that benefit from the full range of features available in a modern programming language." - glaub ich hatten wir hier noch nicht. falls doch, schads ein zweites mal auch nicht :)

Google2Atom gateway: "This service allows you to do simple GET queries on Google and to get the results formatted as an Atom feed.

"iRATE radio is a collaborative filtering client/server mp3 player/downloader. The iRATE server has a large database of music. You rate the tracks and it uses your ratings and other people's to guess what you'll like. The tracks are downloaded from websites which allow free and legal downloads of their music."

music, movies and books - the typical Collaborative Filtering application domains ;)
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