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by earl, 7491 days ago
"In fact, SQL's ternary logic is quite different to the binary logic implemented by programming languages. Secondly, equality is a much more slippery concept in the object oriented world than in the database world. For these reasons, and others, we have chosen to base HQL [the Hibernate Query Language, ed.] on SQL, not on Java-like syntax. It is my view that this was one of the best decisions we've made." - and in related news: Hibernate 2.1 was released today!

"The main effort of the research in knowledge representation is providing theories and systems for expressing structured knowledge and for accessing and reasoning with it in a principled way. In this course we will study Description Logics (DL), an important powerful class of logic-based knowledge representation languages."

an online course on DL by Enrico Franconi, providing extensive material on DL and related topics like First Order Logic and Ontology Engineering.

"The RDF Web Scraper is a tool that helps users specify how to extract RDF markup from web pages [that] have regular structure with labeled fields, lists and tables." - most likely this tool won't win an ui-design award ...
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