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by earl, 6355 days ago
xr2pop is a simple XML-RPC to POP3 gateway, closely mapping POP3 actions to XML-RPC callable methods.

Current Version: 0.1 - download

Copyright © 2001 Andreas Bolka
Licensed under the terms of the X11 license


xr2pop brings POP3 accessibility to all environments supporting XML-RPC. the server is written in Ruby using Michael Neumann's excellent xmlrpc4r.

For a detailed description of the API xr2pop provides have a look at the XML-RPC to POP3 API specification.

I can not recommend using xr2pop in a production environment, as there are no session timeouts yet. That means, if a client has authenticated and its connection crashes, the connection to the POP3 server stays open until the POP3 server times out.


Just drop xr2pop.rb into some directory, it per default listens to, you can change that in the header of the file. Start it with ruby xr2pop.rb and have fun!


All feedback is very appreciated, you can reach me at [andreas dot bolka at gmx dot net].
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