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by earl, 5954 days ago
some notes how to get from default winxp to an usable winxp (someone should do some automagic stuff do accomplish that in a single-click manner ...)


- disable "automatically search for network folders and printers"
- disable "display simple folder view in explorer's folders list"
- disable "use simple file sharing"

(everything configurable via: explorer - tools - folder options - view)

- enable the status bar, go to folder options, view tab and click on "apply to all folders"

- enable "prevent applications from stealing focus" (winxp powertoys: general - focus)
- disable "shared documents" (more)
- disable "compressed folders ('autozip')" (more)
- disable internet search assistant: Start > Search > Change Preferences > Change Internet search behaviour > "With classic Internet search" > OK

- fix search functionality to work properly:;en-us;309173

- "command here" right-click menu (shellex):

@="Command here"
@="cmd.exe /k"


- set titlebar size to 25, titlebar font size to 10
- enable ClearType, if you like it

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