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by earl, 8421 days ago
"I like to say that a Web service is a hyperlink that has grown up"
-- Andy Roberts, CTO Bowstreet, April 2001

ibm's LCDS klingt ja aeusserst interesting. vor allem die configuration:

The physical hardware, which is shared by all Linux guests, is a 9672 G6 ZX7 with ten processor nodes and 32 gigabytes of real memory. For storage, IBM has attached a Shark 2105-F20 with 2.1 terabytes online. Each Linux guest gets 128 meg of "real memory" and one "processor" in the virtual environment. The Linux kernel thinks that this memory and processor are physical hardware but in fact they are allocated as virtualized resources by the VM/ESA operating system, which acts as a hypervisor. The root filesystem of each Linux guest is about 480 megabytes, which sounds small until you consider that /usr and /opt are on separate file systems that are mounted read-only.

mal schaun ab wanns da accounts gibt ;)

missjoe wehrlos hat ein neues design - boese stimmen behaupten auch weiterhin, der fremde koennte was mit missjoe headcore zu tun haben.
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