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by earl, 5356 days ago
"No swap; swapping is death for GC. If you are out of memory, then you are OutOfMemory. To put it another way: you are going to blow your performance guarantees so badly, the JVM might as well have crashed. Better to make the user allocate enough resources up front to keep the performance guarantees."

One of many tidbits from an extremely juicy email conversation between Cliff Click, David Moon and Dan Weinreb.

Kim & Notkin (2009), Discovering and Representing Systematic Code Changes: "We built Logical Structural Diff (LSdiff), a tool that infers systematic structural differences as logic rules. LSdiff notes anomalies from systematic changes as exceptions to the logic rules (PDF)." ~

Refactoring reverse-engineered: instead of presenting a classical diff, LSdiff tells you things a'la "All methods that accessed Log.on in the old version added calls to Log.trace". The implementation described in the paper targets Java. Hot!
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