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by earl, 7214 days ago
hmm, fast 6 stuendige outage meiner leitung @home. murxx - "Sweetcode reports innovative free software. "Innovative" means that the software reported here isn't just a clone of something else or a minor add-on to something else or a port of something else or yet another implementation of a widely recognized concept." [via pwtm@]

GREAT! Lots of interesting apps ;) My personal favorites:

Peep - "Peep is a network monitoring tool that represents network information via audio output. Network diagnosis with Peep is made not only based on singular network events, but on whether the network as a whole 'sounds normal.'"

LCron - "Lcron is like 'cron', but has the ability to schedule events based on location (as determined by network connectivity) and events (like battery status). 'Remind me to feed the cat when I get home.' 'Print this job when I'm at work.' 'Back up my hard disk when I have a good network connection.'"
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