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by earl, 8047 days ago
Literatur fuer den Tag - diesmal im volltext:
»Ach«, sagte die Maus, »,die Welt wird enger mit jedem Tag. Zuerst war sie so breit, daß ich Angst hatte, ich lief weiter und war glücklich, daß ich endlich rechts und links in der Ferne Mauern sah, aber diese langen Mauern eilen so schnell aufeinander zu, daß ich schon im letzten Zimmer bin, und dort im Winkel steht die Falle, in die ich laufe.« - »Du mußt nur die Laufrichtung ändern«, sagte die Katze und fraß sie.
- Franz Kafka, Kleine Fabel

Today, Fog Creek Software will release CityDesk. Until that happens, have a sneak preview at Some aspects on CityDesk: Currently I see two major strengths - rock solid engineering and mature user interface design. Especially this attitudes may provide a competitive edge. On the other hind, I see some kind of target audience miss.

The starter edition is free, but restricted to 50 items (articles, pictures, etc.) and no multi-user. The home edition is at USD 79, no multi-user either. The starter edition therefore really is a try-out version but eventually usable for managing small, personal sites. Once your personal site becomes a bit larger, the intention of Fog Creek clearly is, that you buy the home edition. I don't want to guess if the price is reasonable - but both editions are not well suited to what has become known as 'blogging.' Starter is too small, home is still small but added to that, it costs money ;) and AFAIR it's storage is ms access based.

Further there is a 'Professional Edition' avail at USD 349 !per user!! No size limits, multi-user capability: "Note that CityDesk multiuser access requires a network with Windows File Sharing." To me this seems a clear market miss. Windows only and windows networking only is imho an acceptance barrier that is too high for this costs.

Anyways, I'm waiting for a nice try-out experience ;)) - ha ha ha, is this not just another word for "we didn't make it?"
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