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by earl, 5711 days ago
today, lets get rid of some Firefox 2 annoyances. first, enter about:config into your address bar, and change the value of
- browser.tabs.closeButtons to 3
this reverts back to a single close button on the very right of the tab bar. the firefox UI team must've been drunk when deciding to place a close button on every tab: "hey dude, what about adding an aiming game to our tab bar" - "yeah, brilliant idea!".

now that this is done, let's get rid of the "list all tabs" dropdown thingie. this is easily accomplished by adding the following to your userChrome.css:

.tabs-alltabs-button {
display: none !important;
.tabs-alltabs-box {
display: none !important;

finally, if you also find the tab bar scrolling annoying, change
- browser.tabs.tabMinWidth to some smaller value, e.g. 0. (source)

and to get backspace to go back one page on linux (go to hell, intra-platform consistency; long live cross-platform consistency) change
- browser.backspace_action to 0 (source)

to get ctrl-left/right and ctrl-backspace work in the address bar for editing as they should, change
- layout.word_select.stop_at_punctuation to true. (source)

other about:config settings you might want to change:
- browser.urlbar.hideGoButton (to true)
- (to false)
- browser.tabs.selectOwnerOnClose (to false)
- layout.spellcheckDefault (to 0)

and finally, a skin that makes ffx2 look like ffx1.5 (better on some platforms, worse on others):
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