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by earl, 8147 days ago
The Anti-Microsoft Public License: "As you are affilated with Microsoft as outlined in paragraph 1 of this document, YOU are indirectly responsible for destroying the computer enviroment of the world. YOU have been part of a force that has done everything humanly possible to ensure that using a computer, the software needed to use a computer, and generally the international computer networks is a living hell for any person without a legal education."

fuer die python freunde out there - hoechstwahrscheinlich eh schon bekannt, aber es scheint als gaebe es ein ziemlich laessiges IDE fuer euch. PythonWorks sticht fuer mich unwissenden vor allem mal durch ein durchaus extravagantes interface hervor. die usability scheint auch sehr fein.

Peter Norvig is on the quest for the worlds longest palidrome ;) watch his progress resulting in a 12,293 word long palindrome. [via pwtm@]

"Mit ATnet Remote Reset haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Ihren Rechner in unserem Serverhousing-Center über ein Webinterface zu rebooten (zB wenn er abgestürzt ist)."

just in via gpoul: "cool eh... ein typisches ATnet feature auf detected..." - hehe ;)

"Over the past few years, I've grown to hate Netscape (version 4.x, that is) as much as any web developer. The non-standard nature of the Netscape 4.x rendering engine has cost my company and many others like it loads of time, sleep, and money. Like many web developers, I've had to become an expert in browser quirks."

ich koennte das wenig besser kommentieren als Dave Winer: "He asks some good questions, dives into the history (which is central), and confronts head-on the migration question. A well-written thoughtful essay, well worth a read" [via scrp@]

-- Applications of Continuations by Daniel P. Friedman
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