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by gpoul, 8124 days ago
ATnet is a small, rather unconventional; ISP in Austria which is known for its first class service and for using hardware others wouldn't even consider basing their business on.

On their homepage they praise themselves by saying that they grow their business 'healthy'. - Which in their interpretation means that they don't have any long or mid-term liabilities and only re-invest their profits. I wouldn't say that this is a bad approach for a company per se but you can say for sure that it slows growth dramatically. - The initial hardware investment needed for IBM, Sun, or [create Cisco] hardware has first to be earned. Staying ahead of competitors is extremely hard that way.

ATnet is also an inherent part of the VBS but that relationship seems to be rather uncomfortable for all participants and it doesn't seem like ATnet will make major investments in this direction in the future.

We can only hope that ATnet will be able to survive so that we can appreciate their services and commitment to building good solutions for as long as possible.

God bless ATnet.
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