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by earl, 8111 days ago
the antvilleans are discussing standardized macro design. letch watch the outcomes :) vanilla desperatly needs some dyna-care as well. that'd include some refactoring and lots of thinking :)

if you're new to XML then O'Reilly's has the answer to the most important of your questions: What is XML? - and the answers are precise, understandable and eloquent. go read it.

for those already experienced with XML, DDJ has another gem for you. the very best XQuery article i've found until today.

"With the proliferation of XML content, developers need a means to query XML to find needed information. SQL is only relevant for the relational data model, so a new query language with similar capabilities but for a different kind of data was needed. After years of work by the W3C, the XQuery spec meets this need."

-- XQuery: A Flexible Query Language for XML

for those speaking XML fluently and craving for a good XDBMS, Xindice has been released some weeks ago.

"You might be wondering what a native XML database is good for? Well it pretty much has one purpose, storing XML data. If you don't have any XML data, don't want any XML data or think XML is the most over-hyped technology of the new millennium, then Xindice is not for you. We're not out to change the way data in general is stored, only to provide a good solution for storing XML data. If you survey your projects and see XML popping out of every corner, then Xindice might be a real help for storing that XML."

-- Apache Xindice (once known as dbXML core)
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