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by earl, 7529 days ago
first: [create Alex Shapiro]'s Touch Graph Wiki Browser

i have to commit that i haven't tried it out yet, but from what i've read already, i'd like to see some things:
  • a GraphXML interface. (browse GraphXML data). exporting a whole wiki via GraphXML providing at least url's to each node seems to me as a far superior method over LinkDatabase style formats. also i'd like to see some more widespread use of GraphXML as i'm getting sick of using 400.000 different graph representation formats.
  • maybe an XML-RPC interface would be fine too :) but i've no idea what that should do ;) anyway ...

second: [create XMC], yet another possible successor to XML-RPC.

just skipped over the draft, but it looks quite good. maybe one sucessor that'll take off at least a bit. more comments on XMC tomorrow.


Flash and Shockwave, What's the Difference? - so genau wollt ichs dann doch gar nicht wissen ;)
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