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by earl, 7519 days ago
XML Cover Pages: Tuple Spaces and XML Spaces - "A hastily-collected pile of raw cribbings from the Net on "XML tuple spaces" and congeners. Provisional and not officially maintained." but still useful ;)

think of tuple spaces (see also: [create Linda]) as distributed shared memory. some exploration in this area with rebol would be interesting too.

although i won't use it as i'm using other editors (VS.NET, VIM and [create SciTE], others may be quite interested: improve technologies offer a C# plugin for Eclipse, free and open-source, they say. yes, with the usual stuff, syntax highlighting, code completion and smart indenting.

Jakarta Commons - im anschluss an gestriges auch heute wieder.

zB die collections component, bietet auch einiges was sich alte data-orientation hacker wie ich regelmaessig selber stricken.

oder die JXPath component: "The org.apache.commons.jxpath package defines a simple interpreter of an expression language called XPath. JXPath applies XPath expressions to graphs of objects of all kinds: JavaBeans, Maps, Servlet contexts, DOM etc, including mixtures thereof." look at their samples! ;)
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