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by unknown, a long time ago
VI improved

one of the greatest editors ever made. its a visual editor. why do i like it that much? imagine you want do delete the next 5 paragraphs, how much keystrokes would a windows (CUA) user need? in vi its rather simple: d5}

there's one most important concept in vi: movement! you've literally tons of movement commands (go to next line, go to end of this paragraph, jump to the beginning of the next paragraph, jump to the beginning of the line, EOL, EOF, to next 't', ...).

then you've some action commands: delete, yank, paste, change. combine these actions with movement and you can apply an action to a certain range. it's just great!

ftc2fu - change the text from the first 't' to the second 'u' - 6 keystrokes! i just love it.

what i love even more: it's avail for nearly every known platform. so i don't have to switch editors when i work on linux or solaris or windows. and it has lot's of other cool stuff too (syntax highlighting, advanced code handling, macros, ...).


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