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by earl, 8343 days ago
The inevitable collapse of the dot-com pyramid was not part of some regular business cycle. And it was certainly not the collapse of anything to do with the Internet. No, what we witnessed was the Internet fending off an attack.

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Dave Winer: What is Dot-Net? "I think I can say it more clearly now than before. It's a scripting environment that supports SOAP. How does it compare to others? What are the editors like? A list of features of the runtime? How does it connect to databases? Can applications access each others' storage?"

hmmm, i'd say it's kinda scripting environment. the .NET platform features a lot of dynamic features (introspection/reflexion, dynamic creation, ...) that are common to scripting languages. the editors? great! ever used VIM? ;) how does it connect to databases? ADO.NET! anyway. it is a great platform, with even greater foundation classes, strong integration with XML and lots of other cool stuff. [create Simon Fell] calls it COM 2.0 - that describes one fine part precisely: develop your stuff in whatever language you like and link it together with other objects locally or over the network. yeah, it works!

Department defamiliarization of computer interfaces: GZigZag -
"GZigZag is an implemention of [create ZigZag], a computer paradigm invented by Ted Nelson. The paradigm abandons many currently central concepts, such as folders, files and applications, and instead offers a more flexible way to arrange information. Already at this early stage of development GZigZag has advantages compared with other computer systems."
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