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by earl, 7659 days ago
"Juliet 2003a & Online Tour & Tutorial" - that's the subject of a mail that matched my manual spam-filtering technique (based on human eyes + human brain). albeit the deficiencies of the filtering technique are interesting, it's just plain bad luck that one of those very good Java dev tools has a name that I would typically associate with spam :)

lots of words, simple message: Juliet is avail for donwload, if you've to do with java on a regular basis - go get it!

Helma 1.3 Design Document Version 0.0.1 - in spite of the warnings from the author that "it may contain stupid errors and typos" it's full of interesting ideas :) for helmatics, coders and people with an interest in web application servers/frameworks.

LiveHTTPHeaders is a Mozilla extension aimed at developers that let's one inspect full HTTP headers (and POST data). no need for sniffing anymore :)

funzel: why do i like hibernate and don't like tapestry? - interestingly enough i found tapestry to be reasonably simple and although the documentation (tutorial) keeps telling you that it is out of date and blah blah it's still a very good way to start.

i got up and running with Tapestry within hours (i think far below 2h for the first simple and "more advanced" things) and although the transition to Apache Jakarta still left rough edges in lots of places it looks like a nice thing.

the transition from tapestry 2.3 to 2.4a (which allows a new syntax, which in turn a reason why the "documentation is out of date" disclaimer is placed that prominently) was ridiculously easy. more to come in the next weeks, as i'll do some more tapestry stuff then.

btw, nothing against Hibernate - i think it's a great thing. the point here is just that i believe that tapestry is not that bad either ...
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