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by earl, 6731 days ago
"Once upon a time, the only VoIP protocol was H.323. This was a standard created by the ITU-T, the same organisation that gave us the run away success of the X.500 directory service and X.400 email. H.323 has much in common with other ITU-T standards - it features a complex binary wire protocol, a nightmarish implementation, and a bulk that can be used to fell medium-to-large predatory animals. OpenH323, an open-source implementation of this protocol, consists of over 7 MB of C++ code (the UNIX utility 'wc' reports that it's over 2.4 million lines of code). This doesn't include the code to actually encode and decode the audio." - a hilarious and very informative paper about VoIP and Shtoom. [via lcom@]
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