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by earl, 7690 days ago
"Robin - Remote Operating System Build in Netscape is a window manager using DHTML, Javascript, XUL and some crazy hacks."

"You said that there remain 'earthshaking questions' about how
computation, biotechnology, and materials science will develop in this new century. You went on to say that you see 'cybernetic totalism' as 'the characteristic delusion of our times,' and a danger. Why?" - Alex Steffen (Whole Earth Review) speaks with Jaron Lanier. [via e7l3@]

"XML-RPC and the ASCII limitation"
(title deliberatly stolen from a posting of Fredrik Lundh today)

where the political mess surrounding RSS (and Echo) continues, some threads related to those efforts bring out important details. the following conversation is extracted from Sam Ruby's blog (original discussion) and has the potential to eliminate the XML-RPC/Unicode mess once and forever.

"How easy or hard would it be to add unicode support to the MetaWeblog API? Easy, I'd imagine, because it's just a virtual restriction in XML-RPC... right?"

Dave Winer (ln):
"Here's the scoop.
1. XML-RPC is XML. (See the spec, it's very clear about this.)
2. Read the XML spec to see if it allows unicode.
That's all I have to say on that."

Fredrik Lundh (ln):
"Dave, interesting timing ;-) [because Fredrik was posting a comment at the same time Dave posted the explanation cited above; ed.]

I've said this before, and I'm saying it again: maybe it's time to add a note to the XML-RPC specification, reflecting best practices.

Or just remove "ASCII"; it's a typo anyway."

Dave Winer (ln):
"Fredrik it is a typo. And if you would agree to be my flame shield, maybe my doctors would permit me to do it. ;->"

summary: XML-RPC + unicode = ok :)
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