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by earl, 6052 days ago
ich tanze nichtThe [create Graphing Calculator] Story: "My skunkworks project was beginning to look real with help from these professionals as well as others in graphic design, documentation, programming, mathematics, and user interface. The secret to programming is not intelligence, though of course that helps. It is not hard work or experience, though they help, too. The secret to programming is having smart friends." [via lcom@] [via p3k@]

Interested in "Graphics, [..] Low-level Networking and Security"? Check Dan Kaminsky's site. Three gems (no permalinks avail):

"Three things are important to realize about those images [showing results of volumetric rendering]: First, the hardware used to render them was built to render polygons, not MRI data. Second, if you've got an X-Box in your living room, you already own the requisite silicon. Finally, those images render in realtime, somewhere between 10 and 30FPS."

An analysis (MD5 To Be Considered Harmful Someday) of the impact of the MD5 multicollision attack discovered by Joux and Wang:

"Several doppelgangers may [..] be computed within a single multicollision-friendly block. As such, the particular selection of doppelganger sets within a file can itself be made to represent data. It's relatively straightforward to embed a 128 bit signature inside an arbitrary file, in such a way that no matter the value of the signature, a constant MD5 hash is maintained. This is curiously steganographic."

Or some interesting (ab?)uses of DNS:

[..] incoming attacks to firewalls are also new. DNS trusts the hierarchy to tell it the next hop to its target name; since I can acquire second level domains in the hierarchy for minimal cost, it's trivial for me to insert arbitrary destinations along the DNS route path. In technical terms, whenever a recursing resolver comes to my name server to resolve a name, rather than providing an answer, I can redirect that request to another, supposedly authoritative server. That server can be at any address -- even one I cannot IP route to -- but if the resolver communicating with me can route to that address (say my communication will reach that host. If there's an SSH over DNS daemon running on, I've now achieved incoming connectivity to the network of my choice, completely bypassing firewalls and a trojan's need to poll.

(nah, me wanting to achieve a longer posting is not the only reason if do that long quotes :) i find the above highly interesting and stimulating.)
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