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by earl, 7018 days ago
A year ago: gobble is ...

"Wikis can be both simple and complex. On the surface, the idea of the Wiki is simple and elegant, and conceptually this simplicity makes Wikis a good candidate for modest documentation needs or informal, shared notes capturing. Because they're hypertext publishing environments, however, they can also become quite sophisticated and complex. This duality is precisely what makes them attractive and compelling tools for documentation."

I decided to quote a catchy passage, but the article is full of very good observations -- like "[People] either fall in love with the use of hypertext on Wikis or they run away screaming" -- and discussion-worthy conclusions. A must-read.

And let me repeat once more: The key to understanding a wiki is not that "everyone can edit everything". 14 years after the creation of the web, we get used to interlinked information. The key to wikis is that they make hypertext ideas so ridiculously easy to access, that one does not even think about them anymore. Creation and maintenance of links is a no-brainer in a wiki. Links (and the functions enabled by them) are the key.
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