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by earl, 5191 days ago
Peter Kirn: "The iPad, in a single device, embodies the exact opposite of all the reasons I’ve invested so much time in computing for the last 25 years."

Well said. Looks like a seducingly beautiful device, though.

For a different (optimistic) angle, read Stephen Fry's iPad About. The key point for me: let's hope that the iPad also delivers a "100,000 volt taser shot up the jacksie" to the market.

Take, for example, Lenovo's IdeaPad U1. On the one hand, it's a beautifully engineered device, hardware-wise, that easily matches (if not beats) the iPad in specs. Looking at the IdeaPad's tablet user interface, on the other hand, gives me the creeps: could it really be more awful and sluggish?

Apple, having total control, end-to-end, from hardware to software is obviously at a distinct advantage here. But it is also this very control and general locked-down-ness that makes me wholeheartedly agree to Peter Kirn as quoted above. And I don't think that Apple's advantage is too big to overcome, in general. Let the smartphone market be my witness for this: no, an Android phone will probably never completely match an iPhone in sleekness. But 90% of the sleekness coming along with a more open ecosystem makes the whole package vastly more compelling to me.

So I, for one, am hoping for the "taser shot up the jacksie" to bootstrap an exciting market.
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