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by earl, 6428 days ago
Want to know what Erlang, E, Oz and teaching programming all have in common (at least according to Peter Van Roy)? Go read Peter's companion paper to his invited talk at FLOPS 2006: Convergence in Language Design: A Case of Lightning Striking Four Times in the Same Place (2006). Maybe it should rather be "striking three and a half times in the same place", but well. Worth a read anyway :) [via LtU@]

Want to brush up your inductive definition/proof skills? Kwangkeun Yi presents a version of Robert Harper's Proof-directed debugging (1999) supposed to be more accessible to "first-year undergraduate students". The idea of this work is to develop a proven to be correct regular expression matcher. Considerations on whether or not today's first-year compsci undergrad will find the result easier to wade through left aside, it's a lovely piece to work through and should also provide a nice exapmle to get one's feet wet with a proof assistant (like Coq). In any case, have a look at Yi's "Proof-Directed Debugging" Revisited for a First-Order Version (2006).

Jim Bennet of Netflix recently gave a talk at the Recommenders06 Summer School on Netflix's CineMatch recommender system - the very system that has to be beaten in the "Netflix Prize" I wrote about some weeks ago. Meanwhile, Chris Langreiter and I are still happily hacking away on the dataset; it's incredible fun. Thanks, Netflix, for providing that data.
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