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by earl, 5148 days ago
Steve Yegge on the importance of (knowing how to build) compilers: "[Compilers is] often the 'capstone' course of a CS program (OS often being the other one), which means it's a sort of "optional rite of passage" that makes you a Real Programmer and puts hair on your chest, regardless of gender or chest-hair preference.


"Designing an effective undergrad CS degree is hard. It's no wonder so many ivy-league schools have more or less given up and turned into Java Certification shops."

Even more:

"I wouldn't be agile enough to dodge the game of graphic bloodshed aimed at me by animated, project-managing, object-oriented engineers using Java and Web 2.0 technologies to roast me via user interfaces designed rationally through teamwork and modern software methodologies."

And finally:

"Large Systems Suck. This rule is 100% transitive. If you build one, you suck."

Awwww, brilliant :) And it's a long-held belief of mine, that compiler construction is to the programmer what shell scripting is to the user. Hm. That way of putting it may have quite a few too many twists as to be of any use at all. Well.
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