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by earl, 5494 days ago
Google has released its long rumored-about Browser: meet Google Chrome. Not only is the browser fully open-sourced (see Chromium), it also comes with V8, a new JavaScript engine designed by a team around Lars Bak. Benchmark results are impressive, but even more so are the golden times we live in regarding open availability of high-quality, high-performance language implementations.

V8 currently competes with SpiderMonkey (which is avail as part of Mozilla/Firefox) and WebKit's "JavaScriptCore", the latter being recently replaced in development versions with a modern interpreter called SquirrelFish (see 2008-06-03). Then there's Tamarin along with its trace-based optimization branch "tamarin-tracing" (see 2008-02-06). Further, Andreas Gal - the scientist behind this tracing approach - has recently been working with a few people on a tracing version of SpiderMonkey code-named TraceMonkey. TraceMonkey uses "Nanojit", the trace compiler backend of tamaring-tracing and was recently merged into the main Firefox development tree. For more information, have a look at Gal's excellent post prompted by this event.

And if your head is not buzzing by now, almost all of this is openly available for you to check out and play around with. Most amazing! And yes, I've carefully dodged writing a critique of Google's browser. Go figure.
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