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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2003 link aYago

"There are two types of programming languages; the ones that people bitch about and the ones that no one uses."
-- Bjarne Stroustrup

O'Reilly's ONJava has a recent article on Maven and because I would word my comment on the article quite similar, I simply quote:

"In this article, Rob Herbst predicts that Maven will supplant Ant as the build tool of choice, and provides a list of prebuilt goals which Maven provides out of the box [...]. Of this list, only one (maybe two) of these goals will be used 80-90% of the time (Compile your code), and herein lies the biggest problem with Maven. Of all the things Maven can do, only a small portion of it will be used by a developer during their routine development tasks. However, they're penalized (in performance and ease of use) by what they don't use."

while maven may be useful for project publication purposes, I prefer Ant for pure development. and once you've come up w/ a good ant buildfile that works for you, adapting it to new projects can be as easy as changing some properties. hey, in maven you have to edit xml project descriptors too, so where is the improvement here?

Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming: "This textbook brings the computer science student a comprehensive and up-to-date presentation of all major programming concepts, techniques, and paradigms in a unified framework." to be released by MIT Press in May 2004, a 900 page draft is available as PDF.

the recent announcement of Socialtext's "Workspace" made me find the following: "[W]ith the goal to give back to the community, Socialtext initiated Socialtext Kwikspace as an open source wiki -- with a commitment to its ongoing development." - yeah, but where is the download link? where is the "open source"?

"Using list-comprehensions, or map, filter, and fold/unfold you can express lots of interesting functions on lists [..]. What many people do not realize, is that Visual Basic, C# and Java programmers use the same concepts, and in contrast to functional programmers, they deeply appreciate unfold."

gavin 6099 days ago:
It's that CGI::Kwiki thing. Perl. CPAN it or something.

earl 6099 days ago:
if it's really only Kwiki (as I already supposed before writing the above stuff, because yeah, Brian Ingerson, the creator of CGI::Kwiki is a Socialtext employee), why the need to "rebrand" it as Socialtext Kwikspace (TM!); and why is there no indication on the socialtext website, that their "Kwikspace" is equivalent to CGI::Kwiki?

so the question for me is whether Kwikspace is simply just another name for Kwiki, or whether "Socialtext Kwikspace is built upon the Perl/CPAN Kwiki framework" as stated on socialtext's website.

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