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Montag, 25. April 2005 link aYago

Currently reading: "Semantics with Applications: A Formal Introduction" (Nielson & Nielson, 1992) -- A well-written presentation of formal semantics which discusses all major approaches: operational, denotational and axiomatic semantics. The manageable size (240 pages) and the clear and precise writing makes it generally rather easy to follow, even though the topics itself are obviously very dense and require rather intensive study.

Richard Hamming: 'You and Your Research' -- "Somewhere around every seven years make a significant, if not complete, shift in your field. Thus, I shifted from numerical analysis, to hardware, to software, and so on, periodically, because you tend to use up your ideas. When you go to a new field, you have to start over as a baby. You are no longer the big mukity muk and you can start back there and you can start planting those acorns which will become the giant oaks." [via LtU@]

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